Evolutionary Vision of Relationships

The Reviews are in!

Ground-breaking. Pivotal. Revolutionary. Awe-inspiring. These are some of the words that immediately popped into my head as I listened to this audio CD set. And I m not exaggerating here. There are historical moments when works of art (i.e. books, music, paintings) burst across our shared cultural landscape with a force, freshness and decisiveness that shatter our old and worn-out conception of things revealing new and vital possibilities. From my vantage point, this audio CD set is, indeed, one of these transformative works of art and its thunderous message shakes the very foundation of most everything we've imagined and been fed about romantic love. Welcome to the wisdom and vision-filled feast of Harvey and Saade. I love how eager I am to keep listening and re-listening. I love the clarity and passion of the message. I love how brilliantly these two pioneering teachers challenge us to step beyond all trivial and narcissistic notions of romantic relationship and instead claim the true power and majesty of who we are intended to be as intimate partners. This may sound strange to say.....it s hard to put into words really.....but when I heard Harvey and Saade speak about building a romantic relationship as an expression of Divine Union dedicated to serving peace and justice in the world, I actually felt proud.....proud to be in a romantic relationship! I've been married for nearly eighteen years and I love how excited I am to share this CD set with my beloved partner and use it almost like an inspirational study guide for deepening our romantic connection and moving our relationship forward. (Also, regarding our difficulty with trying to decide on a special wedding gift for a friend and her soon-to-be husband......problem solved! These CDs will be the perfect gift to help a new couple launch their romantic partnership).
--Barry Sherman

Finally in this series we are liberated from the narcissistic trap of thinking romantic love and relationships are only about our personal, individual lives. This series explores romantic relationships in a new context and declares that global social justice and service are the central and primary purposes of our romantic unions. We have been brainwashed into the idea that the purpose of our life is to find a romantic partner and that until we do, our lives are meaningless and that when we do find a romantic relationship out lives are complete and we need not worry about anything else. These CDs are both deeply inspirational and grounded in real life practical tools. Amazing!
--Casey Robertson

I'm really enjoying this series (not quite done yet, but impressed enough to write a review) and wanted to share that my favorite part is that as much as I already love my lover, after listening to several different sections, I see how much more I already admire and cherish about him - and then, interestingly enough, I'm seeing how I'm loving myself more in the process. And the world needs more self-love in my opinion. I highly recommend this series.
--Mica G

I'm not currently in a romantic relationship, so I wasn't quite sure what I, as a single woman, would get out of this series. To my surprise I've gotten ALOT out of it! I learned about how I WANT to be in a relationship and how I WANT to be in the world. The CDs are easy to listen to (in that car) and Chris and Andrew have SO many important things to say that I know I will go back through them often. The points they make about "privatized" relationships rang so true for me as I look past on my past. Maybe that's one reason they didn't last. I know for sure that in my NEXT relationship I will be looking for someone who understands and really gets the concepts put forth in these CDs. THANK YOU, Chris and Andrew for speaking about such important topics that bring depth and meaning to the world.
--Cab 4 Heart

I am the type of person who is always searching for more tools to put in my tool box for my relationships (all of them, not just my romantic ones). This CD series is SO much more than just a set of tools. It is a passionate, in-depth look into the complex yet simple truths of all relationships. Anyone can relate to this series in multiple ways whether in a romantic relationship or not. My partner and I have made it our tradition when we are in the car to pop a CD in, even if its only for 10 minutes. We have both been profoundly moved (to tears and laughter) by this ground breaking series. Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade speak powerfully back and forth with one another as if dancing in and around the beauty and struggle that IS relationship. I have highly recommended this series to all of my friends searching for something deeper when it comes to relating to others on their journey. Just simply amazing!
--Theresa D.

FINALLY a series with BOTH CHRIS SAADE AND ANDREW HARVEY!!! I have been lucky enough to have done workshops with them individually and together and this is truly awesome having their wisdom captured on CD!!! Andrew and Chris have this dance where they enhance each other...each has a way of underlining what the other is speaking. Absolutely loved it... loved the tools, the passion , the clarity and how it makes sense to me ... highly recommend!!!

I love(d) this series! I've listened to it multiple times and each time I get something new out of it! The dialogue is very rich and loaded with specific tools and examples. I listened to some of it (except the 6th CD on sexuality) with my 10-year-old daughter in the car on a trip and we BOTH got so much out of it!! For example, after the section on ADVOCACY we paused it. I asked if she understood what Saade and Harvey were saying and she said "Yes, if my friend and I are brainstorming and she has an idea I don't like, I can still find something I can support about her idea, even if I don't agree overall..." WOW! Pretty good for a 10-yr-old. Not only that, but the themes around CELEBRATION, PASSION, AUTHENTICITY, etc. are so enriching and incredibly needed in today's culture! It's definitely spiritually and service oriented, but I love the way it is VERY inclusive and sensitive to ALL religions. The practical tools are fantastic and I have already put many to use with great success in my Romantic Relationship, as well as in deepening my relationship with my daughter! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!