Individual Authenticity and Global Solidarity

Two evolutionary ideas are fusing together to create a rare, strong, and much-needed alloy: the ideas of individual authenticity and global solidarity. The fusion is spectacular in its results and breathtaking in its ability to transport the mind into a level of freedom and love previously unknown to us. Thus, a new understanding of our humanity is being born.

We are beginning to grasp the full meaning, beauty, and power of living our individual authenticity. It is the liberation and maturation of who we are in our deepest dimensions of self, heart, mind, and body. We are also simultaneously awakening to the truth that the Earth is our sacred trust; that democracy needs to be upheld; and that peace, justice, and solidarity are the foundations of our collective survival. The freedom of authenticity and the passion for solidarity are evolving our understanding of our humanity. These two ideas are ushering us into a real and sustainable partnership with our selves and with our planet. We are being guided into a newfound temerity of freedom and a generosity of full historical participation. ~ Chris Saade © 2016