The International Academy of Sacred Leadership is pleased to offer ongoing intensive courses and training in cutting-edge spiritual and psychological leadership ideas and tools. Each retreat will focus on different areas of emphasis related to Sacred Leadership such as:

  • 2011-The global call to sacred leadership: heeding the urgency of the times and the emergence of the compassion of the divine feminine

    Hosted by The Olive Branch Center in Charlotte NC
    Course Intensive Syllabus

  • 2012-Romanticism and Sacred Embodiment as the Fuel for Sacred Leadership and Global Activism
    Hosted by The Olive Branch Center in Charlotte NC
    Freeing the passion, the peace and the utmost creativity of our spirit through the understanding of our deeper authenticity and the liberation of the particular blueprint of our spirit.
    Course Intensive Syllabus

  • 2013-Our Spiritual Evolutionary Journey: Its Promises, Its Challenges and Its Magnificence
    Hosted by Unity of Charlotte in Charlotte, NC
    Course Intensive Syllabus

  • 2014-The Sacred Dance of Relationships: Personal and Global
    Hosted by Unity of Charlotte in Charlotte NC
    Course Intensive Syllabus


Topics to be explored at future retreats...

  • The spiritually liberating power of paradox: the map of our sacred creative feelings and the nine great sacred marriages.

  • Living and leading from the heart; connecting with the sacred creative desire of the divine in our hearts and listening to the full calling for action that is stirring the depths of our spirits.

  • The spiritual power of creative anger and the sacred practice of honoring and advocacy of our friends and foes.

  • The spiritual power of sacred co-creation: going beyond acquiescence or control into the understanding of collective intelligence and the miracle of communal co-creation.

  • The liberating power of the unconditional celebration of our spiritual identity, our spiritual journey and our Sacred Activism with all of our breakdowns and breakthroughs, and independent of results.

  • Encountering the full beauty, power, ecstasy and implications of our global oneness and the emerging passionate inclusive mindset.

  • Knowing our psycho-spiritual archetypal map—the source of our authentic passions as well as the creative divine force in us.

  • Knowing the great dangers as well as the amazing creative power of our archetypal shadows.