The International Academy of Sacred Leadership

In June, 2011, internationally acclaimed author Andrew Harvey joined with OBC co-director Chris Saade to form The International Academy of Sacred Leadership.

The mission of The International Academy of Sacred Leadership is to train, support, and empower women and men with the cutting-edge tools of; Sacred Activism (seminal work on the marriage of deep spirituality with global activism developed by Andrew Harvey), and Integra (six keys for spiritual and heart-centered leadership that focus on deep authenticity and passionate, epic participation developed by Chris Saade). Students and practitioners of Sacred Leadership are introduced to the crucial concepts and practices of spiritual and psychological leadership and of global stewardship that have been, so far, only available to the very few.


The International Academy of Sacred Leadership is pleased to offer intensive courses and training in cutting-edge spiritual and psychological leadership ideas and tools. Each retreat will focus on different areas of emphasis related to Sacred Leadership. Thus far, four retreats have been held, with all receiving highly enthusiastic praise from the participants.

NOTE: Currently, we have put the IASL retreats on hold and do not have the next one scheduled. We will keep our email list and Facebook page updated about future plans.

Our mission is also to:

  • Guide people to experience within themselves the unification of nine important and essential paradoxes that have been historically split, like spirituality and activism, soul and body, great peace and great passion, great strength and great vulnerability.
  • Inspire and refurbish the vision of leaders, from all faiths and traditions, with a brave, ambitious, daring, heart-centered and most passionate response to the dangerous crisis of our times.
  • Co-create an international community of individuals who desire to claim their spiritual leadership and their sacred activism in service of the suffering, the voiceless, the disinherited children, the abused animals and the violated earth.

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The first International Academy of Sacred Leadership video:

Watch our video made by Dana Endsley, documenting our transformative week in June 2011 at the first International Academy of Sacred Leadership.