Spiritual Oneness = Global Solidarity & Justice

The principle of oneness with all of humanity and the rest of creation is a central teaching of all mystical spiritual traditions and is a foundational concept in the progressive spiritual movement happening today.  We are, in our essence, one with all others, the animals and the earth. We are intimately related to the universe. This sense of spiritual oneness implies that our wellbeing and our destiny are deeply interconnected with that of our planet and its inhabitants. We are consistently affecting and shaping each other. We cannot achieve our highest individual aspirations when others are oppressed or exploited. Our quest for self-fulfillment is tied to the transformation and healing of the structures of our world, be they economic, social, political or ecological. Every day, we breathe the earth into our lungs and are sculpted by the events that shape our collective destiny. We will all collapse together, or we will partake together in a great new birthing. Oneness cannot be reduced to an ethereal, and thus undemanding, sense of connection.

Oneness connects us at the visceral level with the spirit and bodily existence of all others, including their struggles. These struggles could be about economic deprivation, political or religious oppression, racial or social abuse. No one suffers in isolation. We all suffer together, be it in obvious ways or in more unconscious ways of a psychological, somatic or spiritual nature. The belief in the idea of oneness implies a profound solidarity with others. Oneness and solidarity cannot be separated. Both are an expression of a profound bond of love—the love that the Divine instills in us.

The concept of spiritual oneness has to be understood as an all-inclusive concept as well as an action-demanding one. Once we become conscious of the meaning of our planetary interdependence, we cannot remain passive. Oneness is a call to action; we are others and they are us. There is no injustice that is not part of our grief. All yearning for a brighter tomorrow are a part of our own longing.

To deepen our exploration of the concept of oneness requires that we bring the idea of justice into the discussion. To speak about spiritual oneness without talking about justice is empty. We naturally and spontaneously clamor for justice for our children and those we dearly love. We want our children to be treated fairly. How can we think differently about the rest of the world? To speak about being one with the poor without doing everything necessary to transform the conditions that create poverty is obscene. To speak about oneness with animals without working to change the conditions that humiliate and hurt them and destroy their habitats is arrogant and cruel. To speak about oneness with those who are disinherited without struggling, within our abilities, to bring them justice is to forego love. Spiritual oneness means nothing without a commitment to social, economic and political justice on every level. This pursuit of justice is an expression of the love that binds us to all creation. ~ Chris Saade © 2016