Paradox (Unification of Opposites)

Mystics from all great religious traditions have understood paradox as a fundamental truth underlying all existence. At our spiritual depths, we are not divided by an “either/or” dichotomy; we are paradoxical beings of a “both/and” unity. Paradox is the supreme agent of unification. Paradox says life is both night and day; electricity requires both positive and negative charges; our bodies require both rest and activity. Opposites abound. Opposites enrich the soul and empower its presence in the world.

This aspect of thinking in progressive spirituality was born out of an evolutionary desire to unify psychological and theological paradoxes rather than fragment them into opposing camps and competing ways of life. The unification of paradoxes will bring great healing to our divisions and transform our relationship with the world and the earth. ~ Chris Saade © 2016