The new global movement in spirituality is decisively inclusive. It recognizes that every spiritual orientation has a great contribution to make to our collective sense of faith and our common hopes for a world of real and compassionate justice. This progressive spirituality overwhelmingly seeks to mine the finest gifts of every spiritual tradition. People are mostly encouraged to pursue the best in their own faith, to develop their highest selves and to act for the welfare of the world. All the while, we are entreated to celebrate and honor the way in which others pursues the best, noblest and most compassionate on their own path. The growing shift from an exclusive religious thinking to an inclusive one is radically changing the lay of the land. A genuine dialogue and a close partnership in the matter of faith are now in the realm of possibility. Instead of religious interpretations being used as munitions against other traditions, they can now be a source of soulful nurturance for their adepts, without disparaging and condemning other approaches to the Divine. We can, and must, respect and learn from other sources of religious inspirations. The world requires from us a high level of partnership and co-operation. We are to become one in our diversity and thrive in diversity in our oneness.~Chris Saade © 2016