Projects in the Works

Spiritual Reflections in Times of Great Transformation co-authored with his wife, Jessie Thompson. This book of meditative reflections offers a wonderful balance of feminine and masculine energy for all engaged journeyers.


The Art of Sacred Relationships combines Saade's poetic nuggets with the lyrical images of professional dancers created by photographic artist, Ginger Wagoner. The two collaborate to bring an inspirational and beautiful vision of relationships committed to sacred love and service.


Meditations and Mandalas: Prayers for the Engaged Journey is a sacred collection of mandalas by artist Dana Endsley paired with Saade's Second Wave prayers focusing on the love of the divine and living in service of the world.

The Unleashed Heart: Our epic Journey toward Authenticity and Solidarity is a pairing of the potent nuggets from Saade's profound pioneering of the philosophical and psychological concepts of the Freedom of the Heart, Individual Authenticity and Global Solidarity, combined with beautiful and illuminating paintings by artist Katie Nunn.