Ginger Wagoner

Ginger’s passion for social justice has led her to work as a project manager for The Olive Branch Center since 2010. Recently, she and her daughter launched the website with a product line to encourage the sowing of social justice concepts… “We are zealous about promoting Justice for women, children, different ethnicities and same-gender couples. Our products include a jewelry line, T-shirts & other products to beautifully call attention to these causes.”  She’d love to hear from you if you’re inspired! In addition to visiting their webpage, you can converse, offer creative-catchy quotes to be used on products, contribute your social justice stories, or contribute to her Facebook page.

In addition to her work at The Olive Branch, building a new company, and mothering her soulful daughter, Zoë, Ginger has maintained her photography company, PhotoSynthesis. Regarding her photographic work she says, “My greatest passion and deepest joy as a portrait artist is capturing the beauty within each individual and the intimate connections between couples and within families. I have a tremendous love for what is real, tender and beautiful within each of us.”

As one of her clients pointed out: “The great thing about using Ginger is you know when you use her for your photography, you’re supporting all the great work that she does in the community. Among other things, I know she works with breast cancer survivors, creates portraits for Flashes of Hope (a non-profit dedicated to taking uplifting B&W portraits of children with life-threatening illnesses), jumps out of bed to work for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (a non-profit network of on- call photographers who create portraits for families who lose a child at birth), donates her time to Habitat for Humanity, and volunteers her talent to the Battered Women’s Shelter … and those are just the ones we’ve had time to talk about!”

FYI, Ginger’s work is held in private collections across the United States and internationally in Australia, Italy & France. She’s held positions at the White House, with Time Life, Inc. and with a celebrity photographer in NYC.

You can find Ginger on her Justice Seeders Facebook page, Photography Facebook page, or email her through The Olive Branch at: