Freedom of the Heart

Freedom of spirit, freedom of heart, freedom of aspiration, as well as democratic freedoms—these are concepts that have deeply permeated the progressive global spiritual movement. Those who are espousing this new and engaged way of loving God and the world seem to be overwhelmingly freedom-bound. Everyone must be free to claim her or his spirit in order to access the passion to serve. Freedom is the holy ground of creativity. It is also the holy ground of compassionate service.

In the last several decades, freedom has become, in most areas of the world, very much of a living concept—one that has sunk deeply into the psyches of a great number of people. Second Wave spirituality is imbued with it. The concept of freedom, joined with a quest for solid partnerships, underlies most of its thinking and formulations. The new global spirituality does not have, nor desires to have, any central authority. It is a global grassroots emergence that is expanding its circle of diversity, mostly seeking to welcome and celebrate differences.

The freedom of every spirit takes on great importance and has wide social implications. The valuing of authenticity and the protection of its freedom are remarkable evolutionary steps forward. The love we receive from the Divine and the love we offer the Divine compel us to seek the freedom of the spirit of everyone—woman, man and child—and to commit to protect these fiercely. ~ Chris Saade © 2016