Chris Saade

Chris is an author, life coach, psychological and spiritual teacher, and the co-director of the Olive Branch Center. He has also directed three nonprofit humanitarian organizations and a for profit business. After years serving as a psychotherapist in private practice, Saade spent two decades training therapists, coaches, and ministers in the model he developed: Engaged Authenticity, also referred to as Individual Authenticity and Global Solidarity.


To date, Saade has led nearly 250 multi-day cutting edge workshops for professionals and the general public. He currently offers psychological and spiritual coaching. (Click here for more information about personal coaching.)


Saade has a BA in economics, an MHDL in counseling, and an additional five years of graduate studies in theology, economics, and history.


Born in Beirut, Lebanon to a Christian family, he was involved in peace and humanitarian work for 14 years before and during the Lebanese war. Experiencing the devastation of war firsthand broke his heart and impelled his love for freedom and peace. During this very sad time of collective suffering, he continued his peacemaking work. He then lived in France before coming to the United States where he has been a citizen since the early 1980’s.


The challenges of those difficult years in Lebanon taught Saade to approach tragedy through heart and service. Bearing witness to so much suffering led him to develop a passionate respect for the human longing for freedom, the strength that sprouts from the inalienable authenticity of each individual, the crucial need for diversity, and the phenomenal power of love that expresses itself as solidarity, peace, and justice. His passion extends especially to the need to protect children and guide them to discover their own individual authenticity.


Saade’s profound respect for authenticity was furthered by watching his precious daughter grow and embody her beautiful unique self. Also inspired by his work with individuals claiming the freedom of their authenticity, and moved by his assiduous study of the lives of peacemakers like Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mother Teresa, Saade developed the Model of Integra: 6 Essential Keys for Heart-Centered Living. He then focused on exploring the global unfolding of the wave of socially engaged spirituality, which he terms Second Wave Spirituality. He subsequently developed the philosophical and psychological approach Individual Authenticity and Global Solidarity.


He is the author of Second Wave Spirituality: Passion for Peace, Passion for Justice; and Prayers for Peace and Justice; as well as Prayers from the Heart. Joined by author Andrew Harvey, Saade recently released his fourth book Evolutionary Love Relationships: Passion, Authenticity, and Activism. The Saade-Harvey team has also co-created two CD sets: An Evolutionary Vision of Relationships, and Sacred Activism and the Epic Spirituality of Love. Saade is currently finishing five manuscripts which focus on the freedom of authenticity and the mandate for global solidarity. Most of the books he is working on are in collaboration with visual artists. The next one slated to be released is The Unleashed Heart: Our Epic Journey Toward Authenticity and Solidarity, illustrated by artist Katie Nunn.


Saade currently resides in San Diego. In addition to being the very proud and loving father of a wonderful daughter, he has a wonderful son-in-law and is experiencing the joy of being a first-time grandfather.