…the emerging wave of spirituality that is inspiring millions of people all over the world to live their faith engaged in the causes of compassion, peace and justice. Second Wave Spirituality is a view
Second Wave spirituality is decisively inclusive. It recognizes that every spiritual orientation has a great contribution to make to our collective sense of faith and our common hopes for a world of view
The principle of oneness with all of humanity and the rest of creation is a central teaching of all mystical spiritual traditions and is a foundational concept in Second Wave Spirituality. We are, view
Freedom of spirit, freedom of heart, freedom of aspiration as well as democratic freedoms, these are concepts that have deeply permeated Second Wave spirituality . Those who are espousing this new view
Mystics from all great religious traditions have understood paradox as a fundamental truth underlying all existence and it is also an essential idea of Second Wave Spirituality. At our spiritual view

We are excited to announce Chris Saade's most recent publication: 

Prayers for Peace and Justice is a brilliant collection of prayers to be read, prayed, re-prayed, and enjoyed by soulful journeyers from all traditions.


Purposefully written for people who care deeply about spirituality and the fate of the world, these prayers reach beyond the traditionally personalized spirituality to global participation and historical responsibility. These prayers exude the longing for freedom, authenticity, solidarity, and the desire for greater social justice and eco-justice. 


From Adam Bucko, co-author of Occupy Spirituality: A Radical Vision
for a New Generation

"Chris is a prophet of solidarity. He is one of those ‘friends of God' who continue to remind us what our lives should be about. Pray these prayers ‘ceaselessly’ and they will change you.”

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Multiple blog radio episodes with Chris Saade and Mandy Eppley
on E-Women Network’s show, "Finding Hope". (Follow this link
and scroll down to find, enjoy and download these
enlightening and inspiring discussions.)

Intriguing Interview with Chris in Pedestal Magazine

Interview with Chris Saade and Karen Hager of Empower Radio

Recent audio interview with Contemplative Journal and Chris Saade
Contemplative Journal article about Second Wave Spirituality: Passion for
Peace, Passion for Justice
and Chris Saade



The Lifeboat Hour with Carolyn Baker, September 2014:


Link from Radical Spirituality Radio interview with Adam Bucko July 2014

Second Wave Spirituality:
Passion for Peace, Passion for Justice

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In his work as a spiritual teacher interacting with seekers and activists from around the world, Chris Saade has witnessed a remarkable recent phenomenon: a new wave of spirituality that is socially and globally engaged in the pursuit of justice, earth care, and solidarity. Saade calls this movement "second wave spirituality," and in this book he maps out the cutting-edge ideas that are fueling this new wave of engaged spirituality. Read more...


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The International Academy of Sacred Leadership

The International Academy of Sacred Leadership--an annual 4 day workshop led by world-renowned author and teacher Andrew Harvey and the OBC's Chris Saâde. Participants learn cutting-edge tools for the work of sacred leadership and sacred activism. We will delve into a different and very powerful theme each time.

Priesthood of the Soul

Priesthood of the Soul--an in-depth workshop inquiry led by Chris Saâde into engaged spirituality and the mystical consciousness of peace and justice. Participants learn to deepen their relationship with the Divine and hear their unique calling to serve the world. Meets twice a year plus web evening connections.