Two evolutionary ideas are fusing together to create a rare, strong, and much-needed alloy: the ideas of individual authenticity and global solidarity. view
…the emerging wave of spirituality that is inspiring millions of people all over the world to live their faith engaged in the causes of compassion, peace and justice. Second Wave Spirituality is a view
The new global movement in spirituality is decisively inclusive. It recognizes that every spiritual orientation has a great contribution to make to our collective sense of faith and our common hopes for a world of view
The principle of oneness with all of humanity and the rest of creation is a central teaching of all mystical spiritual traditions and is a foundational concept in the progressive spiritual movement happening today. We are, view
Freedom of spirit, freedom of heart, freedom of aspiration, as well as democratic freedoms—these are concepts that have deeply permeated the progressive global spiritual movement. Those who are espousing this new view
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Goodbye from The Olive Branch Center

Dear friends of The Olive Branch Center,

It is with some sadness but also with excitement that we want to share the news of our upcoming transition with all of you who have supported us through the years. We have made the decision to close the entity known as “The Olive Branch Center” and to continue our work in other ways (and for Chris Saade as author and coach please see links below).

As the co-founders and co-directors, Jessie Thompson and Chris Saade, are extremely grateful to this community for how you rallied around them and their vision of global inclusion through The OBC.

On behalf of the community, we want to thank Jessie Thompson, who was a profound motivator and driving force during the founding years of the OBC as well as for the conferences, classes and workshops that were held when the OBC had a physical center in Charlotte. Hopefully The OBC positively influenced the community and those who traveled to attend through these events, highlighting sacred activism, engaged spirituality, sacred leadership and personal spiritual growth. Jessie is continuing studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Depth Psychology, Jungian and Archetypal studies, with hopes of bringing her newfound knowledge back into the Charlotte community in a capacity that will help others.

And to Chris Saade, much gratitude for his visionary leadership and powerful teaching at the OBC events. In addition, many of the core ideas espoused by the OBC have been generated by the pioneering work of Chris Saade through his publications. His lifelong work towards peace, the freedom of authenticity, inclusion, and social justice will continue to be available through his books, mentoring work on Authenticity and Global Solidarity, and personal coaching. His seminal work, Rebellion of the Heart, will be in print this year.

If you are a follower of Chris Saade-Author on Facebook,  thank you for your continued support. If not, please take a moment now and go like his page He would like to continue reaching out to you and continue hearing from you as he explores even more of the work that began with The OBC.

Huge gratitude also to Ginger Wagoner and Victoria Gailey for their enduring loyalty, and their numerous creative and supportive contributions, and without whom the work could not have continued.
Everyone at the OBC shares their hopes that the work we created will continue in your hearts and in the world around you.
Our unending gratitude and heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you.
On behalf of Jessie Thompson, Chris Saade, Victoria Gailey, and Ginger Wagoner
Much love from The Olive Branch Center.
Please take note of these new emails:,, and Thank you.