…the emerging wave of spirituality that is inspiring millions of people all over the world to live their faith engaged in the causes of compassion, peace and justice. Second Wave Spirituality is a view
The new global movement in spirituality is decisively inclusive. It recognizes that every spiritual orientation has a great contribution to make to our collective sense of faith and our common hopes for a world of view
The principle of oneness with all of humanity and the rest of creation is a central teaching of all mystical spiritual traditions and is a foundational concept in the progressive spiritual movement happening today. We are, view
Freedom of spirit, freedom of heart, freedom of aspiration, as well as democratic freedoms—these are concepts that have deeply permeated the progressive global spiritual movement. Those who are espousing this new view
Mystics from all great religious traditions have understood paradox as a fundamental truth underlying all existence. At our spiritual view
Two evolutionary ideas are fusing together to create a rare, strong, and much-needed alloy: the ideas of individual authenticity and global solidarity. view

We are excited to announce the OBC’s latest publication:

In this 5 CD set, the dynamic team of Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade passionately explore the evolutionary coming together of the freedom of individual authenticity with the passion to serve our world.


As they delve into the ways we are each connected to the epic dream of love, they explore the crucial roles of individual authenticity; deep heart-awareness; the calling to facilitate peace, freedom, and justice; and how all of these components can be brought down from the ideal realm to earthly manifestation. Read more here.


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Priesthood of the Soul

Priesthood of the Soul--an in-depth workshop inquiry led by Chris Saade into engaged spirituality and the mystical consciousness of peace and justice. Participants learn to deepen their relationship with the Divine and hear their unique calling to serve the world. Meets twice a year plus web evening connections.